The 4 Guys You will Date in the Industry

When you’re dating in this industry, your pool is small and close to home. Maybe it’s because you work weird hours, maybe it’s because you don’t see anything wrong with binge drinking on a Wednesday, or maybe it’s because you’re so conditioned by restaurant humour that normies consider you insane. Regardless of why we date our co-workers, here are the four boys you’ll “date,” (and using that term┬ávery loosely,) in this industry.

A) The hot Chef: He burly, loud, tattooed and likes to drink. You never really considered him a prospect. How could you? You’re from two different worlds. Until one day, you’re waiting at the pass for table 33’s mains and you see him shouting orders at the line cooks. Everything goes silent and there’s a slow motion fire ball coming from oil hitting a pan in the distance. You make eye contact through the chaos as he wipes his brow and smiles. You’ll date for a year before you realize that you can’t love his alcoholism away.

B) The MEGA babe: Maybe he’s a busboy on the weekends, maybe he works nights to keep his days open for auditions but he’s so hot, you stumble over your words when you have to talk to him. One night, you’ll go out for drinks with the team and you’ll end up alone, somehow. His eyes pierce through your soul as you discuss his workout routine and you cut him off with a kiss. Throw your fist in the air like Judd Nelson, mama. You got it.

C) The Server that everyone thought was gay but then surprise, he’s not: Your guard is down with him because he’s always thrown out gay vibes and that one time he was in a relationship, he always used the word, “partner”. You’re having drinks after work and he puts the moves on you and IT’S TOTALLY WORKING. Cut to: he bangs you silly and you pledge to never assume someone’s sexual preference again. How many lost opportunities?

D) The douchey Bartender: He oozes ego and he’s got a gaggle of groupies. You’ve never been attracted to a man that cocky until one evening, he tells his swooning barflies to beat it and singles you out from the post-shift herd. Then you get it. For one to five nights only, he is your charismatic leader. He makes you feel like you’re the only girl in the world…but usually falls short in the sack. Oh well, we can’t have it all.

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